• 6.19.21

    Extremely honored to be included in this exhibition!
    8 in 8: ReEvisioning Print
    This exhibition, a curatorial project by Womxn Who Print*, features work in print media by eight artists associated with the EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop.
    On View May 19th - July 30th, 2021


    Nandini Chirimar
    Michele Godwin
    Rie Hasegawa
    Shervone Neckles
    Minna Resnick
    Catherine Stack
    Adreinne Waheed
    Taehee Whang

    Co-curated by Jazmine Catasús and Ann deVere
    *Founded in 2018 by Ann deVere, Womxn Who Print (WWP) is a NYC based coalition of womxn printers, creating opportunity and community in printmaking. WWP sets in motion the active engagement of collaborative interests and support for, by, and with community.

    8 in 8: ReEnvisioning Print

    On View May 19 - July 30, 2021

    EFA presents 8 in 8: ReEnvisioning Print, a curatorial project by Womxn Who Print. This exhibition features works in print media by eight artists associated with the EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop (RBPMW), Nandini Chirimar, Michele Godwin, Rie Hasegawa, Shervone Neckles, Minna Resnick, Catherine Stack, Adreinne Waheed, and Taehee Whang. Within their eight practices, these living artists make work reflective of our times that is fluid and multidisciplinary in approach, language, and research. They epitomize the printshop’s founder, Bob Blackburn’s vision in pushing the limits of what it means to print, embracing and not in spite of its reproductive qualities.

    8 in 8 spotlights a wide range of technical, formal and conceptual practices that incorporate drawing, textile, objects, installation and video. Focusing not only on technical expertise, these works reveal various stages of the creative process in the artists’ studio practice. Each artist has a distinct and interdisciplinary approach combining traditional methods of print with various media and presentation strategies. They reflect on a range of issues that include gender, migration, waste, ancestral history and race in their experimentation with and development of printmaking’s potential.

    The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (EFA) | 323 West 39th Street | 3rd Floor | NYC 10018 |

    P: (212) 563 5855 | E: info@efanyc.org

  • 2.1.21


    My first print collaboration post-Covid shutdown, involves printing a wonderful suite of drypoints for Critical Path Method's inaugural editions project. The prints of the plates created by artist Pooneh Maghazehe will be featured in their upcoming exhibtion:
    Figure Study - Drypoint Prints
    Feb 6 - March 12, 2021

  • 1.1.20

    Earth/Mother Portfolio
    My etching Crosses and Losses will be included in the Earth/Mother portfolio and presented at Puertografico 2020. So honored to be part of this collection!

    Curated by Elizabeth Castaldo
    Earth/Mother considers the intersection of women’s rights and environmental issues. The simultaneous assaults on the environment and women’s bodily autonomy create an interesting parallel. We hear the same politicians argue one day that women do not have the right to choose what happens to our bodies and the need to allow drilling and mining on protected land the next. What do these issues have in common, especially when we see that the aggressors in both cases are largely the same? How does the destruction of the earth in pursuit of fossil fuels relate to the need to control women’s bodies? What are the internal conflicts involved with motherhood when fervent climate change denial is creating an ever more uncertain future for life on this planet? How does the refusal to give refuge to climate refugees relate to the recent spate of bans on abortion and rape apologia in the US? How does the way a culture treats women and the environment manifest in society? What is the relationship between the earth’s ability to create and sustain life with that ability within women?
    #earthmotherportfolio #puertográfico #etching #prints #printportfolio @sgci2020 @sgcinternational @ecastaldo_artandbooks

  • 11.19.19

    Prints for Protest
    This Land an etching created for Prints for Protest upcoming portfolio release. “Prints for Protest™ is a grassroots platform for a community of artists using their craft to support organizations that protect civil rights.” There are lots of lovely prints available at a reasonable cost, all profits going to a noble cause.

    Proceeds to this years portfolio go to:
    Black Lives Matter
    National Parks Conservation Association
    Partnership With Native Americans
    Planned Parenthood

  • 4.1.18

    Animal Drawing
    Beyond thrilled to be assisting Patricia Wynne in her upcoming Animal Drawing Course at the American Museum of Natural History! This is a great opportunity to back up a wonderful artist and generous person as she imparts her vast knowledge of animal anatomy and drawing tips to students. As an extra bonus I get to hang out in the museum after hours!

  • 1.1.18

    RBPMW Collaborations
    Through RBPMW's Printers Without Presses Program, I will collaborate with two new artists, Patricia Wynne and Mindy Lighthipe. Patricia, an illustrator for many amazing scientific texts and children's books, needs assistance in editioning 15 plates for a portfolio of rhinos. Patricia and her friend Mindy Lighthipe will also be editioning work for their collaborative portfolio of Corvids.

  • 1.1.17

    Printers Without Presses
    This year I will be printing for two amazing artists Olivia Wendel and Michelle Vaughan for Robert Blackburn's Printers Without Presses program. This is an amazing opportunity to exercise my printing chops and collaborate with artists to help them make work they could not do on their own.
    Printers Without Presses are available to assist artists in the workshop. They may be hired for edition work, as technical advisors on personal projects, or for private instruction. I am very excited to continue working with these artists and meet with more artists in the future!

  • 3.10.16

    Everything is not o.k. II
    Collective Delusion/Mass Hysteria is taking the show on the road, this time in Oklahoma City for Everything is not o.k. II four days of art, punk, and fun!

    March 10 - 13, 2016
    Full list of artists, bands, and venues:
    Facebook events page

  • 1.28.16

    New Prints 2016/Winter
    I finally made it into a New Prints exhibition at IPCNY!!!

    International Print Center New York presents “New Prints 2016/Winter” from January 28 – March 26, 2016 in its gallery at 508 West 26th St, 5th Floor. “New Prints 2016/Winter”, consisting of over fifty-three projects by fifty-two artists, was selected from over 2,000 submissions. “New Prints 2016/Winter” is the fifty-third presentation of IPCNY’s New Prints Program, a series of juried exhibitions organized by IPCNY three times each year featuring prints made within the past twelve months. An illustrated brochure with a curatorial essay by David Senior will accompany the exhibition.

    This show was selected by: Diana Burroughs (Director, Marlborough Graphics), Carl Fudge (Artist), Clare Garfield (Collector), David Senior (Bibliographer, MoMA Library), Justin Sanz (Artist and Workshop Manager, EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop), and Marie Tennyson (Assistant Director of the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies at Columbia University).

    Artists are: J.L. Abraham, Ann Aspinwall, Michael Barnes, Mary Lynn Blasutta, Marcin Bochenek, Nathan Catlin, Ann Conrad Stewart, Josh Dannin, Dexter Davis, Andrew DeCaen, Jeffrey Dell, Eliza Evans, Eduardo Fausti, Devra Fox, Miracola Giacomo, Karinna Gomez, Susan Graham, Sheila Gritte, Rafael Guiavarc’h and Elisabeth Bikond Nkoma, Libby Hague, Valerie Hammond, M. Benjamin Herndon, Cassandra Hooper, Cary Hulbert, Richard Hull, Anna Hutchings, Zack Ingram, Yvonne Jacquette, Frances Jetter, Sandra Kelch, Robin J. Koss, Dominique Labauvie, Karen Lederer, Emmy Lingscheit, Christina Maile, Luciana Maiorana, Theresa Martin, Kathy McGhee, Mary Mead, Gary Michaels, Nic Annette Miller, Sarah Plimpton, Laura Post, Padmavathy Rajendran, Renée Rockoff, Edo Rosenblith, John Schiff, Catherine Stack, Beth Sutherland, Eszter Sziksz, and Ian J. Welch.

    Presses and Publishers: Aspinwall Editions (NY), Atelier le Grand Village (France), Bleu Acier Inc. (FL), Le Genou Vrillé (France), Howard Street Press (NY), Manneken Press (IL), Shark’s Ink (CO), Shock Press at Wichita State University (TX), and VanDeb Editions (NY).

    January 28 - March 26, 2016
    Opening Reception Thursday January 28, 6 - 8 pm
    International Print Center New York
    508 West 26th Street, Room 5A
    New York, NY

    IPCNY Event Page

    Exhibition Brochure

  • 1.1.16

    Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop Instructor
    I am honored to be part of Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop's amazing roster of instructors! I will be teaching their Etching I and II classes as well as the drypoint section of their Introduction to Printmaking course.

    EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop (RBPMW) is a co-operative printmaking workspace that provides professional-quality printmaking facilities to artists and printmakers of every skill level. We are committed to inspiring and fostering a racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse artistic community dedicated to the making of fine art prints in an environment that embraces technical and aesthetic exploration, innovation and collaboration.

    We seek to improve the overall quality of fine art printmaking by providing low cost, unfettered access to printers, equipment, and education. Robert Blackburn's vision of a welcoming creative environment with a spirit of openness serves as the backbone of the workshop today.

    Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop

  • 11.12.15

    Collective Delusion/Mass Hysteria

    I'm so honored to be included in this exhibition of art, music, film and performance by amazingly talented artists!

    Collective Delusion/Mass Hysteria is an independent art zine featuring female indentifying/femme artists involved in the punk, hardcore, noise, and underground art scene. The artists work with the theme of identity, sexuality and gender. Some of these artists have a strong connection with femininity, some don't believe in gender id, some have transitioned into female gender. All of the money made from book sales goes back into project printing, exhibitions, shipping, space rental, etc

    Artwork by:
    Sara Abruña, Heather Benjamin, Jennifer Calandra, Sharnae Caceres, Jane Chardiet, Denise DeGlopper, Cherene Dijital, Jenn Epstein, Olivia Gibb, Lara Goetzl, Alexandra Gutnik, Kelsey Henderson, Ashley Hohman, January Hunt, Emma Kohlmann, Andrea Lukic, Julie MacKinnon, Sheila Marcello, Theresa Moher, Jess Poplawski, Tamara Rodriguez, Anna Sandberg, Caroline Schub, Catherine Stack, Brandi Strauss, Katherine Valentine, Chelsea Watt, Renate Winter, Jessica Wolford, Chihiro Yoshikawa

    Installation by:
    Jennifer Calandra
    Sheila Marcello

    Tattooing by:
    Christina Gemora / Sacred Remains

    Friday November 13:
    Exhibition Opening
    @ Austin School of Film 7-10pm
    Drinks & food provided by the Austin School of Film

    Saturday November 14:
    @ Austin School of Film Noon-6pm
    Drinks provided by the Austin School of Film

    Sunday November 15:
    Exhibition Closing Show + Outdoor Market
    @ Austin School of Film Noon-6pm
    Drinks provided by the Austin School of Film

    Jennifer Calandra
    Born and raised in NYC. Gender Queer erotic artist with a focus on illustration, zine making and mask making.

    Theresa Moher
    Born and raised in Texas, recently resettled in Brooklyn. Chicana artist with focus on Illustration and painting.

    This event is free & open to the public.

    Gallery Space provided by The Austin School of Film

    Austin School of Film @ Motion Media Arts Center is a 501c(3) non-profit independent film, art, and technology center that supports every aspect of production from idea to distribution. Our goal is to educate, train, and develop emerging artists of all ages to be active participants in shaping our 21st century culture.

    View more details at:
    Austin Film School Event

    This event is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin.

  • 1.27.14

    My art is featured on Make Space!

    Make Space Featured Artist

    Make Space is an artist-run website that aims to promote contemporary artists and make the artistic practice accessible and transparent through the production of writing, videos, and other programs. Primarily existing as an online space, Make Space gets inside the studio practice through studio visits, interviews, and other forms of investigation. In this way, the site works to both reveal as well as archive the contemporary artistic practice. Dedicated to fostering community through collaboration, Make Space works with artists to recurrently feature their work both online and through its programming. This ongoing exchange aims to facilitate an open dialogue about contemporary art and studio methodologies amongst artists and audiences.

    Founded in December 2010 by Lynnette Miranda, Make Space is collectively organized and curated by Kathy Cho, Etta Sandry, and Lynnette Miranda.

  • 9.13.13


    September 13 - October 27, 2013
    Opening reception coinciding with Greenpoint Gallery Night, Friday, September 13th, 6 - 10pm.

    The Booklyn Art Gallery is pleased to present BRASS IN POCKET, a group exhibition featuring work by Susan Fang, Liz Linden, Lynnette Miranda, Caroline Paquita, Catherine Stack, and Tamara Waite-Santibanez, and Book Swap… a collaborative project by Liz Linden and Jen Kennedy.

    We approached this show with the desire to represent contemporary feminist artists working in different media with the commonality of transcending subject matter and traditional techniques in print, collage, drawing and sculpture. Instead, BRASS IN POCKET is a group of New York-based women artists who are doing just that, but whose work may not necessarily be described as “feminist art.”

    What we discovered through this process is that it is less of a “feminist” concern to narrowly define this work as “feminist art.” It is more important to bring the work, the pushing of boundaries and mediums, to light. Throughout our studio visits feminist themes emerged. While often not the forefront of the artist’s subject matter, each artist still faces a sexist power structure within the art world, and within her everyday life.

    Prevailing draftsmanship and experimentation in media is what drew us to these six artists. Liz Linden's oversized "cartoons" feature particularly desolate photographs selected from The New York Times juxtaposed with broken fragments or quotes from their respective articles; the lack of context evokes a strong sense of dissociation, and highlights the absurd. Tamara Waite-Santibanez’s recent work combines the traditions of Chola culture and punk culture through tightly rendered graphite drawings that reference imagery and techniques relative to her profession as a tattoo artist. A publisher and artist who bridges the gap between the print and performance worlds, Caroline Paquita will debut new papier mache sculptures. Susan Fang’s playful pornography collages both highlight and obscure sexuality, while her rice paper t-shirt sculptures toy with the physicality and symbol of an object. Obfuscating the interpretation of texture and pattern, Lynnette Miranda will display new works in textile that build on her previous experiential dialogue in sculpture. Similarly, Catherine Stack's practice blurs the lines between print, textile, and sculpture; creating etched collage reliefs, utilizing non-traditional materials during the printing process, and further manipulating the finished prints with layering, embroidery and collage.

    The exhibition will also feature Book Swap… a collaborative project by Liz Linden and Jen Kennedy. This ever-evolving feminist lending library promotes the exchange of feminist thought, critiques, and conversations, while encouraging community-based knowledge. In praxis, Book Swap… allows each participant to contend with the idea(s) of “feminism” on their own terms, an action which is at the heart of this show. The library has previously been exhibited at DISPATCH, The Brooklyn Museum's Sackler Center, the Center for Book Arts, and the Dumbo Arts Center, and morphs with each new manifestation. Give a book, take a book.

    BRASS IN POCKET is a “women show” that is not about women. What it is about, is pushing the mediums themselves, as well as the definition of what feminism--or feminist art--can be. BRASS IN POCKET is the eighteenth in a series of group exhibitions dedicated to providing self-publishing artists, who generally share their work through printed matter and other ephemeral media, with a platform for exhibition, experimentation and exploration outside of the printed format. This exhibition is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

    Curated by Aimee Lusty & Kate Wadkins.
    For more information please contact Aimee Lusty

    Booklyn Art Gallery
    37 Greenpoint Ave, 4th floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11222

    Hyperallergic Review
    Hyperallergic Easy Guide to Greenpoint Gallery Night

    exhibition photos/zine open call

  • 5.31.13

    Nate Doyle, Austin English, Clara Johannson, Adam Opet, Catherine Stack

    Opening Reception, Friday, May 31, 2013 6-10pm
    open hours Saturday, June 1, 2-6pm
    Sunday, June 2, 4-6pm

    A group exhibition of drawings, prints and ephemera presented for Bushwick Open Studios.

    NY Studio Factory
    448 Jefferson St. Studios #49 and #51
    Brooklyn, NY
    BOS Must See Show by Benjamin Sutton

  • 5.17.13

    Membrane//Jacket: works by Catherine Stack and Nate Doyle

    Opening Reception Friday, May 17, 2013 7:30-9:30

    Drawings, prints and collaborations of Nate Doyle and Catherine Stack

    368 Graham Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY

  • 1.1.13

    HAPPINESS is a biannual art & comic anthology aimed at spreading new artistic talent across the nation and overseas.
    Released January 2013
    7.875" x 10.5"x .5", bound softcover book. 200+ pages total (inc. a 36 pg full-color section), 50+ artists. Includes a letters & recommendations section.
    Featured comic artists:
    Aaron Shunga, Abraham Díaz, Alex Degen, Aimee Lusty, Alabaster, Andrew Bell, Andy Burkholder, Anthony Meloro, Brennan Kelly, Conor Stechschulte, Danni Parelman, Gabe Fowler, Garrett Young, Inés Estrada, Ian Mcduffie, Joe Kessler, KJ Martinet, Krystal Difronzo, Laura Perez-Harris, Leah Wishnia, Lincoln Bostian, Marthe Jung, Max Clotfelter, Mike Taylor, Nate Doyle, Niv Bavarsky, Rémy Mattei, Renata Gąsiorowska, Sara Drake, Sophia Foster-Dimino, White Swallows, Zejian Shen

    Featured abstract/contemporary artists:
    Aimee Lusty, Andrew T. Pratt, Brian Dunn, Catherine Stack, Clay Schiff, Dan Warden, Hannah Hall, Jonathan Chapline, Joshua Dildine, Justyn Hegreberg, Kim Westfall, Mark Delong, Michael Aitken, Morgan Blair, Neal Walsh, Nicolas Nadeau, Nick Vyssotsky, Patrick Armstrong, Peter Shear, Russell Tyler, Shawn McBride, Trudy Benson

    Featured writers:
    Darryl Ayo, Harris Smith, Karen Wishnia, Olivia Fox

    Front/Back Covers by Clay Schiff.

  • 09.24.10

    Generate: An Exhibition of Fine Arts by MIAD Alumni
    Opening Reception: Friday, Sept 24, 5 – 9 p.m.
    Gallery Night, Friday, Oct. 15, 5 – 9 p.m.
    On view September 24 - October 16, 2010

    Alumni representing some of the "most talented and dedicated fine art
    graduates of MIAD" over the last 10 years will show their works at Generate
    2010, the annual off-campus exhibition on view September 24 - October 16 at
    234 W. Florida in Walker's Point. An Opening Reception will be held Friday,
    September 24, 9 p.m.

    Curator Keith Nelson further described each of the 18 artists selected as
    having "progressed tremendously since their time at MIAD, sometimes out of the
    realm of their respective majors, but always in keeping with each individual's
    unique aesthetic vision."

    Participating artists are: Mary DiBiasio '06, Chad Hallblade '02, Alison Heape
    '06, Juliet Jaeger '06, David Kasir '01, Katie Martin '01, Jennifer Price '10,
    Amanda Proeber '00, Michael Roberts '03, Kristina Rolander '01, Julia
    Schilling '08, Catherine Stack '01, Paul Stoelting '03, Oliver Sweet '06, Amanda
    Tollefson '04, Shane Walsh '01, Tom Wanderer '07, and Lindsey Wolkowicz '03.

    Nelson actively exhibits his own work and curates exhibitions, including
    establishing Temporary Contemporary, a temporary gallery in an unused storefront
    in the Historic Avalon Theater Building.

    234 W. Florida
    Milwaukee, WI
    Saturdays, 12 – 4 p.m.

    Generate 2010 is generously sponsored by Park Bank.

  • 09.18.10

    Reception Saturday, September 18, 2010, 7 - 9 pm
    On view September 12 - 30th.

    Choplet Studio in Williamsburg

    Presenting a collaboration of ceramic lamps and sewn paper shades with friend and fellow artist Katie Westgate. Live music provided by Justin Wertz.

    238 Grand Street
    Brooklyn, NY
    Mon - Fri: 1:30 - 11 pm
    Sat + Sun 11 - 7 pm

  • 06.25.10

    3rd Homemade Brooklyn
    A weekend event
    June 25, 2010 11am - June 27, 8pm

    A pop-up show featuring local artists and designers curated by Jessica Goldfond and Riley Eggers.

    Homemade Brooklyn at Brooklyn Green
    439 Metropolitan Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY

  • 06.04.10

    Drawing of the Year presented by Camel Art Space
    Opening reception: June 4th, 6pm - 10pm (concurrent with B.O.S.)
    Music provided by Squirrel Biscuit
    On view June 4 - June 27, 2010

    Drawing of the Year is an exhibition comprised of works on paper by most of the artists that have shown at Camel over the past year; a year in review if you will. The works in show will be 'drawing/printmaking/photography' related, but this theme will also be interpreted more loosely, taken more liberal towards whatever means lies within the artist's methodology. Simultaneously will this be a celebratory event to toast to the anniversary of Camel Art Space. As will this exhibition partly coincide with Bushwick Open Studios.

    Participating Artists include: Sarah McDougald Kohn • Ben Needham • Sam Martineau • Chris McGee • Tiana Peterson • Lance Lankford • Peter Lapsley • Matthew Murphy • Nick van Woert • Hilary Doyle • Maria Kondratiev • Julie Torres • Elisa Velazquez • Chris Martin • Maria Walker • Christine Rogers • Nora Griffin • Rachel Salamone • Carl Gunhouse • Thom Marquet • Lauren Portada • Catherine Stack • Jeremy Roby • Chris Burnside • Nathan Gelgud • Alisa Ochoa • James Woodward • Enrico Gomez • Colm Feehan • Chris Rawson • Jessica Smith • Reid Hitt • Fred Spadafora • Connie Golden • Jeff Burdian • Helena Wurzel • Yuliya Lalina • Erin Shafkind • Brian Buckley • Millie Falcaro • Bryan Graf • Julia Colavita • Adam Taye • Jessica Witkin • Drew Wiedemann

    Camel Art Space
    722 Metropolitan Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11237
    Camel Art Space

    Weekends only: 12 – 6 pm or by appointment

  • 05.08.10

    Ink, Needle, and Knife
    Catherine Stack and Kate Goyette
    Opening Reception Saturday May 8th, 7-10pm
    On view May 8th - May 29, 2010

    In Ink, Needle, & Knife artists Kate Goyette and Catherine Stack present recent works on paper that combine printmaking, sewing, drawing, and cut paper. While the foundation for both artists is in printmaking, they also manipulate their printed work by employing more non-traditional methods. Catherine often integrates embroidery into her prints drawing on the influence the handwork of her mother and grandmother had on her as a child. The repetitive stitches of sewing mimic the meticulous line work in her etchings. In the last few years, Kate began cutting up her drawings and prints as a more definitive and confident method of editing a piece while also indirectly referencing "the absurd", a prevalent theme in the work of Camus. Both artists are interested in the transformation that occurs when a planar piece of paper is activated by action whether it be by the accumulation of printed tactile marks, cutting, sewing, or constructing dimensional forms.

    In addition to the individual pieces that will be presented at Ink, Needle, & Knife, the artists will also exhibit a few collaborative pieces created specifically for the show. This is the first time that they have worked together and the first time that playful experimentation is a focal point for both . Please join us on May 8th for friends, food, drinks, and art!

    Fountain Studios
    604 Grand Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11238
    Fountain Studios

  • 02.12.10

    Camel Art Space
    Group exhibition featuring the work of: Catherine Stack, Corinne Kamiya, Jeremy Roby, Matt Murphy, and Tim Bearse.
    Opening Reception, Friday February 12, 6 - 9pm
    February 12 - 28, 2010

    Distance and intimacy offer a range of perspectives toward viewing a work of art. There is the intended view of the artist that has been internalized through the working process and there is the reality of presentation, psychology, education, and past experience that the viewer brings to the work. Many times proposed intimacy can invite an uncomfortable response of distance from one party or another not wanting the responsibility intimacy needs. There is also the physicality of scale. Sometimes it is the small things that invite this intimacy, while sometimes it is the larger works that envelope and consume one toward experiential inwardness. The works in this exhibition on one level or another engages distance and intimacy, while occasionally embodying both.

    In all of these works distance is what we have when we come to the work. Intimacy is what we give to it by participating in it and internalizing it. All of this takes place in space, through the eyes, and in the mind. The distance grows smaller as we approach the work and greater when we disengage from it. These artists deploy their visions within this field and bring to it a range of ideas about perception, meaning, content and form. This diversity is intended as is a challenge to a superficial grouping of appearances.

    722 Metropolitan Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11211
    Camel Art Space

  • 02.01.10

    Recollect, repeat, retrieve then reapply
    A group exhibition with artists: Iwalani Kaluhiokalani, Cheryl Robinson, Matthew Murphy

    February 1 - 28, 2010
    Reception Friday, February 26

    Machines with Magnets
    400 Main St.
    Pawtucket, RI, 02860
    Machines With Magnets

  • 12.11.09

    DIY Quick & Dirty Ephemera Swap!
    EFA Project Space
    Friday, December 11, 2009, 6 - 9:30 pm

    EFA Project Space is pleased to announce DIY Quick & Dirty Ephemera Swap. The event is presented in conjunction with the exhibition One Every Day: A Printeresting Curatorial Project. The Swap is intended for creators to trade the stuff they've made (no sales, only trades) and embrace the gift economy made possible through mass production!

    EFA Project Space, a Program of the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, is a multi-disciplinary arts venue that encourages creative expression and new interactions in the arts. By collaborating with organizations and individuals to present programs including exhibitions, performances, screenings, workshops, and conversations, EFA Project Space generates an ongoing dialogue about the creative process.

    EFA Project Space is supported in part by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Private funding has been received from The Carnegie Corporation Inc. and numerous individuals.

    EFA Project Space
    A Program of The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts
    323 W 39th Street, 2nd Floor
    212-563-5855 x151

  • 12.05.09

    Shoe Box Benefit and Holiday Sale
    Fountain Studios
    Saturday & Sunday December 5 & 6, 11am - 7pm
    Saturday December 12, 11am - 7pm

    For three days Fountain will be filled with all things affordable and handmade.

    The shoe box benefit will help to support Fountain Studios
    by bringing together original works donated by a far-reaching collection of artists and crafts people and put them in a shoe box for your enjoyment.

    Fountain Studios
    604 Grand Avenue
    Brooklyn NY 11238
    (between St. Marks and Bergen)
    Fountain Studios

  • 10.26.09

    2009 Artists' Showcase of the Print Club of New York
    I was selected as one of five artists to present their work at the 2009 Artists’ Showcase of the Print Club of New York! The Print Club of New York has conducted the annual juried Artists’ Showcase for artists who are in the earlier stages of their printmaking careers. This annual event, has been part of the Club’s activities since 1994. The event is scheduled for Monday, October 26, from 6:00 to 8:15 p.m. at the Society of Illustrators.

    Print Club of New York

  • 10.16.09

    Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop Member Exhibition
    RBPMW Member Exhibition held in the new exhibition space EFA 20|20. This exhibition coincides with the EFA Open Studios.

    October 10 - 29, 2009
    Opening Reception October 16, 6 - 9pm

    Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, a non-profit, cooperative printmaking workspace and program of The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, is located in mid-town Manhattan. The workshop was established by Robert Blackburn for the purpose of providing printmaking facilities and opportunities to both local and international artists of any culture or socioeconomic background. For over 60 years, RBPMW has facilitated the exchange of ideas and culture through print.

    Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop
    323 W. 39th Street, 2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10018
    Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop

  • 08.15.09

    BEG BORROW STEAL An Unauthorized Use of the LaMontagne Gallery
    On View: August 15 - 29, 2009
    Opening Reception: Saturday, August 15, 6 - 8 PM

    In these trying economic times, continuity often demands a hit to ones pride, or a duck from moral standards. BEG BORROW STEAL assembles the work of a variety of emerging artists who embrace theft and appropriation as key elements in their creative process. No artist works in a vacuum, all are reliant on imagery and concepts taken from outside sources. From the constant flow of contemporary pop culture, to the long history of artistic creation, to the inflated production of the economy, these artists depend on a constant exchange of ideas, materials, and conceptual stimuli to fuel their work. Several pieces found in BEG BORROW STEAL incorporate donated or cannibalized resources: a grandmother’s excess yarn, a friend’s vacation photographs, or trash left along the side of a street. BEG BORROW STEAL artists recycle pre-existing aesthetics from various sources including, classic cartoons, country western stars, or a pair of jeans. Conceptually these artists thrive on what has preceded them, as wells as that which surrounds them. The artists of BEG BORROW STEAL employ consumption as a means of making, and in doing so participate in the complexly of the current social and economic condition.

    BEG BORROW STEAL is a group show of 28 young artists, juried and curated by Aaron M. Segal, a MassART graduate. Aaron is currently the art preparator of the LaMontagne Gallery. His objective for the show was to organize a group of peers, who may at this point in their careers still have limited access to commercial galleries, and give them the opportunity to show in one of Boston's best. In the spirit of the show, the LaMontagne Gallery has been begged borrowed and stolen while Russell LaMontagne is on vacation, hopefully he won't mind.

    Contributing Artists:
    Aimee Belanger, Octavia Bennet, Brian Butler, Michelle Carter, Cydney Cnossen, Corey Corcoran, Ryan Crowley, Terrence Gaidamovcio, GJYD, Jes Hughes, Vanessa Irzyk, Victoria Jacob, Alex Jacobson, Ian Jeffrey, Michelle Livingston, Melissa McGorty, Matthew Mosher, Monica Nydam, Chloe Reison, Jeremy Roby, Camden Segal, Catherine Stack, Wayne Stoke, Noelle Teague, Jena Thomas, Brian Wilmont, Amy Yoshitsu, Michael Zachary

    Founded in 2007, LaMontagne Gallery is a 2,300 square foot exhibition space located in South Boston on East Second Street. Russell LaMontagne was previously Co-Founder of LFL Gallery in New York City.

    Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 12 - 6 pm, Tuesday by appointment
    ph- (617) 464 4640
    LaMontagne Gallery

  • 06.05.09

    Catherine Stack and Rebecca Steele at iosound
    The inaugural opening at IOSOUND showcases the artwork of Brooklyn Photographer Rebecca Steele and Printmaker Catherine Stack. The weekend event is in conjunction with Bushwick Open Studios. Live music and dj's Friday and Saturday night.

    Catherine Stack layers Intaglio prints, thread and paper to create fragile structures that embody emotional responses to memories, human relationships and nostalgia.

    Rebecca Steele's photographs reveal pattern within the language of nature. By exploring the character of each object in it's entirety and tracing the way passages of time register within, she attempts to share not what she thinks, but what the medium tells her about her relationship to the world.

    Friday, June 5, 7 pm to midnight
    Live set by Dylan Ewing of Medicine Man, dj sets by Brian Markham, Alexandra Monzon, and Dylan Ewing.

    Saturday, June 6, 5 pm to midnight
    Live set by Dormant and Golden Bones, dj set by Brian Markham

    Sunday, June 7, noon to 3 pm

  • 04.30.09

    Common Swell
    A group exhibition with fellow artists and friends: Allyson Mellberg, Jeremy Taylor, Betsy Walton, and Matthew Feyld.

    Reception April 30, 6-8 pm
    April 30 - May 28, 2009

    Together Gallery
    2916 NE Alberta St.
    Portland, OR 97211
    Common Swell